Grasp the power of spatial thinking and how it can transform your business. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, only a process of collaboration to find the most suitable solution.


Spatial Thinking

We want everyone to experience mapping the way we do: as a dynamic and creative problem solving tool. Thinking spatially not only makes complex information easy to understand, it gives businesses and organisations the power to solve problems and create competitive advantage. We want to help you get there; to think spatially.



We want to understand your business. We want to know what motivates you and why you want to do things. We want to find insights unique to your business. Through a process of listening and understanding we can arrive at the most elegant solution.

Independent advice

Informed simplicity

Take a step back and see the bigger picture. By helping you gain perspective on your data, you’ll be able to derive powerful insights and conclusions to help grow your business.

experienced team

Independent advice

We challenge our clients appropriately to uncover the best solutions. Whether it’s software or strategy, our mission is to find the most insightful solution tailored to your circumstance.


Solutions, not software

We help you make wise decisions on the best ways to use spatial software in your business. We value the role that technology plays in making your people and processes more effective. While we work with both Esri and open sourced software, we pride ourselves on being independent of vendors and will always find the right solution for you.


We work with our clients to co-create value. We want to establish a partnership of mutual understanding and expectation. We can be embedded in your team. because it is more fun and productive.


We’re innovative—we continually improve through exploration and discovery.

Working at Geoplex

Be part of a team that thrives on new challenges. If you want to work with experts, solve exciting problems, make bold choices, experiment, have fun and hack something new, we want to talk to you. We're looking for people to help set a new industry standard. We have positions available in Canberra and Melbourne. 

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