Labs AGI International User Conference and Partner Summit

Geoplexers Adam and Chris recently travelled to Singapore to attend AGI's International User Conference and Partner Summit.

AGI userConference

The Conference was held at the beautiful Hotel Fort Canning not far from Clarke Quay for those who know Singapore. The turnout was great with delegates attending from around the Asian region, Europe, the US and Australia. The pre-conference training sessions were booked out to overflowing.

As expected, there was an emphasis on the things coming in the end of October release of STK 11, and discussion of Open Source project Cesium JS and the AGI products that can be used in solutions with Cesium.

Some of the things coming in STK 11 were:
· Volume analysis and visualization
· Phased array antenna modeling
· Aviator enhancements (formerly Aircraft Mission Modeler)
· Next-generation Electro-optical Infrared (EOIR)

For information on What’s New in STK 11 get in touch our STK Team.

There was plenty of talk about Cesium. There has been significant global uptake and we saw some very cool things people are doing with it. One thing we took away in reference to Cesium is the expansion of the successful STK Terrain Server technology. This technology has been available for a while and was designed to serve Quantized Mesh terrain (think TIN) very efficiently across the internet into Cesium and STK. It will very soon become a more 'complete' Content Serving technology providing high performing 3D Tiles (detailed City models, construction models, etc), high fidelity terrain and point clouds, and vector features.

The 3D tiles spec AGI have developed is really neat. If you are looking for a means of serving massive amounts of 3D building data across the internet or a network in any device technology, this format is really fast and efficient while preserving building detail.

Chris who presented some of his work around feature editing and enhanced time based display in Cesium. He did a great job providing insights into the development requirements of using Cesium to solve complex temporal and terrain based problems. There was quite a bit of interest in Geoplex's foray into delivering professional services to clients who are using Cesium in their technology mix.

Our thanks to AGI for putting on a great show!