Labs Planet to acquire Google's Terra Bella

Planet to acquire Google's Terra Bella, adding high resolution imagery to their offering

SkySat 5 Rome opt port

Geoplex is pleased to announce that its partner, Planet, have entered into an agreement with Google, wherein Planet will acquire the Terra Bella business including the SkySat constellation of satellites, and Google upon closing, will enter into a multi-year contract to purchase Earth-imaging data from Planet.

The SkySat constellation of 7 high resolution satellites is highly complementary to Planet’s existing medium resolution 60-satellite fleet. The former enable regular, rapidly updated snapshots of select areas of the globe at sub-meter resolution; the latter regular, global coverage at 3-5 meter resolution.

Furthermore, Planet is shortly due to launch 88 satellites—the largest fleet of satellites launched in history. Combined with the 12 satellites of Flock 2p operating in a similar orbit, this launch will enable Planet’s 100 satellite “line scanner” constellation of Doves. With Planet’s RapidEye satellites and Doves operating in other orbits, Planet will be imaging the entire Earth daily.

Geoplex, as one of Planet’s first partners, has been working closely with Planet in order to help the ecosystem leverage Planet’s platform. The Planet platform includes a web based viewer for easy exploration and discovery of imagery, and a API allowing for integration to corporate systems.

We look forward to further developing the ecosystem; and helping Australia and New Zealand leverage such an innovative, useful and valuable system.

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