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Experimenting with environmental products at Ecohack


We attended EcoHack on Sunday which was attended by around 200 people across SF, NY, DC and Cambridge. Ecohack was part of the international conference, World Parks Congress. The morning started with pitches coming from both developers and conference attendees who had travelled from Europe and Africa to spread the word about salient environmental issues in their part of the world. We decided to work on a geofencing idea - an app that notifies a user as they enter a protected area and provides useful education and learnings to them. This would be particularly useful in marine national parks, so a user knows not to fish within these boundaries. We made good progress yesterday, but still have some more work to do to complete the app. Check out our github repo for the UX design and code to date. Check out EcoHacks's twitter account to see some other pretty nice project ideas happening around the world.