Labs Geoplex Tech Retreat 2015

In mid-October we held our annual Geoplex Tech Retreat where we get together as a team and chew the fat on the latest technology.


Some of the learning highlights included

  • Jerome gave us the low-down on some changes in the wider web world like HTTP2, ES6, as well as the latest on frameworks like Angular 2 and React
  • Liam, Harry & Joe talked about how they were using open source tech in a large enterprise stack both for GIS stuff (eg GDAL for data transformation) as well as non-GIS tech (eg RabbitMQ for queueing tasks)
  • Dave talked about Docker and how we can use it to improve our deployment processes
  • Rowan talked about vector tiles - how to make them, serve them and consume them
  • And Brent (via his holidays in Patagonia) talked about big data crunching with Hadoop

Of course it wasn’t all nose to the grindstone, the team let their hairdown with some go-karting followed by a relaxing session of barefoot lawn bowls.

All in all it was a great couple of days and we’re excited about what we’ll be working on in the coming year.