Labs Planet Launches Largest Satellite Constellation

planet dove flock 1 satellites

Our partner, Planet, has successfully launched the largest satellite constellation ever. The world record is impressive, but is only one of the many firsts. With this launch of 88 satellites, Planet will soon have over 120 satellites in its constellation and will be able to image the entire global land mass every day.

Geoplex met with Planet representatives soon after they were founded and were captivated by their vision to make global change transparent, by capturing an image of the earth every day and sharing those images online. We signed as partners with Planet and have invested with Planet over the years to prepare our team for the moment the vision became reality. That time has come.

Geoplex can now provide Australians and New Zealanders access to the most current and regularly updated high resolution satellite imagery and help them to get the maximum business value from this data.

Here are some intriguing images that humans have just not seen before: the release of over 80 satellites at one time.


Further information about the launch is here: