Labs Proudly partnered with Planet Labs

We've recently partnered with Planet Labs, a SF bay area company who are changing the way satellite imagery has traditionally been captured.

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Geoplex have recently partnered with Planet Labs, a San Francisco company who make shoebox sized satellites to orbit our earth and take hourly images every day. 

Planet Labs have introduced the ‘Flock’ of Dove satellites to orbit our planet and collect and process that imagery to create a daily view of our world. Their philosophy is to provide open access to visualising our planet. By doing so, they are enabling anyone to learn from this data, make decisions and develop businesses or agriculture for positive impact.

Geoplex will represent Australia and New Zealand in the Planet Labs partnership, providing data processing, and developing tools to help companies analyse the satellite imagery effectively. Gaining access to imagery updates anywhere in our world, gives us a new, near-live picture of our planet. We can learn so much from this, ask questions, solve problems and make business decisions.

How can you use satellite imagery in your business? Forecasting crop yields, disaster relief, traffic planning, development planning...the opportunities continue to present themselves.

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