Labs The lowdown from the 2015 Esri Partner Conference

Highlights and exciting developments from Esri

esri partner conf

Joe and Brent are currently in Palm Springs attending the Esri Partner Conference and Developer Summit. Some of the highlights from the EPC include:

  • Portal/ArcGIS Online is now central to the ArcGIS Platform allowing users to access the same content across many apps and devices.
  • ArcGIS Pro looks to be the future of Esri’s desktop mapping strategy with a native 64 bit architecture. A .NET SDK for building custom add-ins will be released at version 1.1 soon.
  • 3D is being rolled out across the platform - ArcGIS Pro supports it natively, the upcoming version 4 of the JavaScript API will support it and ArcGIS Server will be able to serve 3D scenes. Some pretty nice visualisations are possible with this technology.
  • Smart Mapping has been rolled out to ArcGIS Online and is coming soon to Portal. It will allows users to more easily create effective cartographic visualisations.
  • Vector tiles will be supported in upcoming versions of ArcGIS Pro and Server, and future versions of the JavaScript API will be able to render and style them dynamically. This is the future of base maps, can’t wait for this one!
  • AppStudio looks like an awesome new tool for developing cross-platform apps for iOS, Android, Mac Windows and Linux. AppStudio is powered by Qt, and includes starter templates that can be customised in Qt Creator. There are also some great build tools, including a cloud make platform that can build iOS and Android app packages.

Other highlights are… the sunshine, mountains and craft beer :)