Labs Introducing our office Robot, 'Geobot'

Messing around with Hubot, to cover all our important tasks. Such as tea making.


The idea for Geobot is based on Hubot. Hubot is a node js based server app developed internally by GitHub as the company chat server.

Hubot is based on NodeJS and the scripts are written as Coffee scripts.

Different people in the company can create scripts for different things and load them to Hubot.

e.g., I am interested in laneway cricket and I would create a script that could

  • Check if it's going to rain today
  • Send invites to people
  • Show photos and interesting remarks about previous sessions
  • And give laneway cricket tips
  • Provide laneway cricket rules

Another example is, we could make a script to move stories in JIRA Scrum board.

The idea behind this means all developers in the organisation could create a script that they think will help them and others in the company with day to day routine tasks and load to Geobot.

There's already hundreds of crazy scripts out there to load up.

Meet Hubot