Geoplex’s team of experienced geospatial engineers, software developers and consultants offer a comprehensive suite of capabilities.

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System Development

Geoplex employs software engineers as well as geospatial analysts to provide an optimal mix of skills for developing geospatial applications. Staff are experienced in desktop, mobile, web and database development to ensure a diversity of expertise when developing solutions.

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Geoplex is the leading end-to-end Geospatial Cloud Services provider in Australia. As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting partner, Geoplex has been assessed by AWS to have the skills, experience, and staff to help our customers design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their workloads and applications on AWS. Our Cloud services include:

- Cloud Architecture
- DevOps & Automation
- Strategy & Innovation
- Integration & Development
- Cloud Migration


Enterprise GIS

Geoplex has the experience to build the GIS infrastructure to support any sized organisation. Geoplex’s Esri Certified Enterprise Professionals have been recognised by Esri for their expertise in building enterprise systems using ArcGIS. Geoplex staff have implemented enterprise web GIS systems in defence, intelligence and government agencies using commercial and open source software.

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Geospatial Visualisation and Analysis

Geoplex have significant expertise in analysing, interpreting and presenting a wide range of geospatial data through a variety of mediums. We are experienced at designing and implementing conceptual models for geospatial analysis requirements. Geoplex work with clients to provide greater insight into data using visualisation techniques and technologies.

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Technical and Project Advisory

Geoplex are available to assist organisations at a strategic and management level to help plan what GIS and geospatial data is required to help reach strategic goals. Geoplex can operate as an independent consultant to evaluate technical proposals to determine if they will deliver what an organisation needs.

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Defence, Security and Intelligence

Geoplex has a strong and growing Defence and Security business. The company has been involved in supporting the Defence sector since start-up, and has worked on delivering significant Defence geospatial capabilities in that time. Most of Geoplex’s staff have Commonwealth government security clearances.