STK 10 – Coming November 15

Geoplex is pleased to announce our partner AGI will be officially launching the New Systems Tool Kit (STK) version 10 on November 15.  With STK 10, AGI are reorganising the licensing of the core and specialised components of STK to better align with user requirements.  Those users in Australia and New Zealand that have current maintenance and upgrade contracts will receive like for like capability in their new STK 10 licenses, but will also gain from the restructuring.

For our existing users who are not current on support and upgrades, contact us at to find out how we can help you get access to the great new line-up of functionality.

Ask Geoplex about the brilliant new STK Server functionality for publishing and distributing your STK scenarios to a web service.


To help you get clear What’s New in STK 10 check out the links below:

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