STK 10 Update

As the STK 10 release is drawing near, AGI has been actively promoting Webinars to showcase the capabilities and updates this major release will provide customers.  If you are an STK user or are thinking of adopting this unique software, we would recommend taking some time to download these resources to see for yourself what is coming.

As always, if you need any further information on STK 10 or AGI tools in general please contact Geoplex at

The STK 10 Webinars can be both viewed and downloaded here:

STK 10 Time Tool and Timeline View


STK 10 Calculation Tool


STK 10 Display Enhancements


STK 10 Parallel Computing Options


STK 10 Enhancements for Developers


STK 10 Using STK’s new Computational Tools for System Performance Modeling


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