Work Building Better Region Fund

Allows applicants to determine whether their project is within the Building Better Region Fund eligibility regions


A web mapping application to determine BBRF eligibility of a proposed project site 


BBRF Eligibility Regions

BBRF Website

The Building Better Region Fund is a government initiative that will invest $297.7 million over four years in infrastructure projects and make community investments across regional Australia. 

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development engaged Geoplex to build a web based mapping system to assist applicants in determining the location of their project and whether it is within a regional or remote area.

The applicant can define a location via a Latitude/Longitude search, an address search, or alternatively by clicking on the map.

The application is built upon the Department’s existing Geocortex and ArcGIS Server Infrastructure. Geoplex chose to develop custom UI components as opposed to to using Geocortex workflows as it provided the flexibility to streamline the user experience. 

The custom UI components improve the user experience significantly by integrating with the global search, making ‘copy to clipboard’ buttons available and providing more flexibility in styling.