Work Oil Spill Risk

A simple mobile friendly website which shares the outcomes of the risk assessment of pollution from marine oil spills in Australian ports and waters


Mobile first website, demonstrating how to effectively visualise and share complex data.

Understanding risk

Oil Spill Risk Web Application was developed for the Australian Marine Safety Authority (AMSA) to provide important information about the risk of oil spills around the Australian coastline.


OARS provides the outcomes of the risk assessment of pollution from marine oil spills in Australian ports and waters. This assessment was conducted as part of the review of the National Plan to Combat Pollution of the Sea by Oil and other Noxious and Hazardous Substances.

This application shows the Australian coastal environment divided into 120 sub-regions with a different colour according to the overall environmental risk. Clicking on each of the regions provides information on the risk of oil spills greater than one, ten and one hundred tonnes as well as the key environmental sensitivities for the sub-region.

The overall environmental risk takes into account not only the frequency of spills, but also the environmental sensitivity of the sub-region and at the shoreline, the spill quantity, probability and the quantity of oil reaching the shore, and the cost of a specific type of oil.

Responsive & Integrated

We used mobile first design during development. The site is responsive and scales to operate correctly on phone, tablet and browser. The site consumes data which we published out via a RESTful web service layer, this service was also made available to others parts of the organisation.


The risk assessment data and map provides essential information in considering the locations of, for example, stockpiles of oil spill response equipment, location of emergency towing vessels and fixed wing aerial dispersant spraying aircraft.