Work PIXIA Raster Data Management

Satellite and aerial imagery, LIDAR data, and raster data management

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Consolidated platform for storing, processing and serving geospatial raster data in a centralised and efficient manner.

A Government department recently engaged Geoplex to investigate the feasibility of using PIXIA software for processing, storing and serving a variety of geospatial raster data.

The department have a significant amount of satellite and aerial imagery, LIDAR data and other raster datasets. These are distributed throughout the organisation on various servers, portable hard drives and other storage devices. The department were looking to consolidate this data into a platform for storing, processing and serving their raster geospatial data in a more centralised and efficient manner.

Geoplex worked with the department to develop and assess PIXIA’s compatibility with core business requirements. For example: authentication using Azure AD; support for projections; support for map service metadata; support for black and white/greyscale options; integration with existing systems; and storage and data compression requirements.

The trial was deployed on Amazon Web Services and made use of EC2 for the data processing requirements and S3 for storing and retrieving the large volumes of raster data