Work The power of Planet Labs

We've recently been blown away by the capabilities that Planet Labs are offering with their up-to-date imagery, it's exciting times to be working in the GIS & remote sensing space!


The impact of the fires in Western Australia is clearly visible with these Planet Labs images captured 19 days apart.

Australia has been hit hard by some natural disasters over the Christmas period with fires sweeping through many states and floods hitting others. Agencies who are responding to these emergencies both in the short term as well as the longer term are faced with many challenges. 

Planet Labs are a satellite company aiming to provide valuable information to agencies responding to these challenges through the provision of the world's most up-to-date satellite imagery. With their ever-increasing flock of doves (aka satellites) they are hoping to soon be capturing daily imagery of every part of the earth.

Even with their current flock Planet Labs was able to provide timely images of the fires in Western Australia. At the time of writing Planet Labs had more current imagery than Landsat both prior to and after the fires.

With up-to-date imagery decision-makers are better able to understand the situation on the ground and respond accordingly.

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