Work VicRoads Location Wizard

A set of tools that allow users to record where events are occurring on the road network.


Such a powerful mapping and data capture capability gives VicRoads the ability to enhance their business systems.

Reading the road

VicRoads manages a high volume of data relating to its operations and assets across the Victorian road network.

Accurately and consistently recording the location of events and assets is important as it ensures the public is well informed as well as enabling VicRoads to accurately and efficiently manage its activities.

We created a reusable ‘location wizard’ that integrates with Geocortex Essentials. The VicRoads Spatial Information Systems (SIS) team create applications supporting specific departmental requirements such as Traffic Information, Road Works & Events and Enquiry Tracking.

The SIS team embed the location wizard into these targeted applications giving each application a consistent set of tools to allow users to record where on the road network events are occurring.

We created a series of features aimed at making the process of finding locations across Victoria extremely easy. This includes methods to locate a specific section of road, a specific intersection or a specific address.

Integration into other services

We integrated the location wizard with a series of services made available at VicRoads called the Location Referencing System (LRS).

Using the data returned from the LRS we presented further accurate information to the user so they were informed about all aspects of where an event was occurring.

Accurately recording location information is very important as it allows VicRoads to analyse events against each other.

We created features that turned a user’s interactions on a map into requests. The requests are sent to the LRS who validate the location.

Quickly identifying issues

VicRoads operates a customer support centre that supports the Victorian public on a range of road related issues.

It was vital that the system could support its users and allow them to quickly identify a location relating to an issue, i.e. a road closure.

We had to provide the users with a choice: using a map interactively or using a piece of information provided from a customer, i.e. ‘half a kilometer north of the intersection of Williamstown Road’

The user is presented with a simple choice on how they wish to identify a location.

For example, if the user wishes to create an event along a particular section of road, they can begin typing and a list of valid road choices are provided. By selecting a single entry, the map quickly navigates to the road section in question, and the user can move on to create a location representing the event.

Integration bridge 

We created an integration bridge allowing other systems to communicate with the location wizard.

The location wizard was also developed to allow it to ‘talk back’ to a business system passing valuable location information back to that system, such as where the event is occurring, the extent of the event and other rich data.

Geocortex Essentials is a generic rich mapping platform. It does not provide deep links to other ‘business’ systems which don’t include mapping capabilities. It was important that users of targeted business systems such as CRM’s and Traffic Information Systems could invoke the location wizard and carry out their mapping requirements quickly and efficiently before continuing.

Through a javascript integration, Geocortex Essentials can be invoked and the location wizard module automatically launched into the correct state. Following its use the location wizard automatically returns data back to the invoking application.


VicRoads have successfully implemented the mapping capability, together with the location wizard, into a number of business systems, including Traffic Information, Road Works & Events and Heavy Vehicle Management

Such a powerful mapping and data capture capability gives VicRoads the ability to enhance their business systems.